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10 Things I learned After Moving (to Witch City)

So I moved. Again. This time to Witch City, USA. If you don’t understand the importance of that statement in regards to my interests then I’m not sure you know me very well.


I’ve officially been here for a month so I figured I’d let my friends and family know where I’ve been. Not that all of my posts to facebook and twitter and instagram and…. well every other social media account…. haven’t already told you.

After my ordeal trying to find roommates and an apartment was finally settled, I packed my entire life into my car, and my parents car, with no furniture, slept on the floor for a week until my bed was delivered, figured out how to commute by train and not only navigate Salem but also Boston, and somehow put together enough cheap furniture to furnish my room.  It’s been a long but fun month.  And now, some simple things I’ve learned about moving:

  • People from around Boston really do say “wicked”.  I have started saying wicked.
  • Post card stamps are cheaper than regular stamps. Post cards are not cheaper than a piece of lined paper.
  • Not all big cities smell like hot dogs everywhere. That is both a relief and a complaint.
  • Socks don’t just magically appear, you actually need to buy them sometimes.
  • I don’t actually know how to pack things to get mailed. Luckily, neither does anyone else.
  • Flats are not good enough to walk miles in while commuting. Neither are sandals.
  • People who practice Wicca are people too, and actually have a pretty cool history.
  • Living with a dog is amazing, however getting a cat off of your bed is a lot easier than getting a large dog off of your bed. Same goes for getting fur out of the couch.
  • With the amount of people with New York plates around here sometimes I feel like I never moved.
  • All I need to survive on my own is a text from my mother saying “I’m proud of you”.  (Even if that text is sarcastic because leaving the house means I was forced to learn how to cook.)

And, with that, I’m off to read hundreds of pages for my wicked awesome grad program.


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