Hello blogging community! I very much enjoy sharing my name with fossilized tree sap. So here’s just a little bit about me:

I am a Rutgers alumna (majored in English/Communications with a certificate in Creative Writing). I’m from central New Jersey, about an hour away from NYC, but, I never stay there long. Currently I am attending Salem State University for my MEd. Higher Education in Student Affairs, and commute into Boston to work at Emerson College. Planning on staying in the northeast in the future.

 Some more “I” statements that explain me:

I am an active supporter of no-kill animal shelters.  I am a big fan of Coldplay. I write poetry. I am former gymnast with a TON of former injuries.   I love Mitch Albom books.  I have a cat named Pinot Grigio, but I am not an alcoholic.  I love the color yellow.  I am addicted to the smell of earl gray tea packets.  I am Polish and Hungarian.  I was always the biggest tomboy.  I did not play with barbies. I love to travel.  I do what I love and I love what I do.

I decided to start this blog because I needed a place to organize my thoughts outside of the classroom, to spare my roommates from endless conversations and for personal growth. Join me!


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