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Can I live on your couch? I’ll pay you!

I seriously considered that as a living option after failing at finding an apartment/room/roommate for 5 months.


See, the couch doesn’t even need to be IN your house for me to live on it….

Here is how my housing process went: 


Started the search early. Ended up looking for myself without a roommate because I know 0 people who live there. Found a total of 2 rooms. Promising. No way to contact anyone from program also moving to area. Hopeful.

List of requirements:

  • close to train station
  • possibly room for a cat
  • no creepy creeps
  • preferably women roommates but open to any
  • decent price with utilities, budgeted
  • updated kitchen preferred
  • willing to do lease-signing over email/fax
  • laundry in basement
  • off-street parking


Looked at both rooms. To be the prospective third wheel in a home filled with engaged couples or not to be. No pets allowed. One overpriced, the one not overpriced smelled like dog pee. Too far to walk to train station. Carpool or live off of cereal with a monthly garage parking pass.  Living off of lucky charms with a roof over my head sounds better than sitting in feet of snow.

Updated List of requirements:

  • better smell, don’t need room for a pet, my cat can deal with staying with my parents
  • no third-wheeling
  • open to any gender roommates
  • decent price with utilities, budgeted
  • no kitchens from 50 years ago
  • willing to do lease-signing over email/fax
  • laundry in basement
  • will park on street if needed
  • within biking distance to train station


Moved to Tennessee, have to find apartment from even farther away. Listed need for roommate on craigslist. Found perfect roommate and one perfect house with 2 open spots. Prospective roommate very nice. Very hopeful.

Compromised List of Requirements:

  • not picky with roommate unless you are a serial killer/sex offender
  • will wash clothes in bathtub if needed
  • working kitchen
  • will park on street if needed
  • can you drop me off at the train station if I ask maybe twice a week? You can borrow my stuff…


Prospective roommate abandoned all communication with us. All hope is lost. I move in 3 weeks. Started collecting refrigerator boxes to build fortress out of.

List of Requirements (now optional)

  • roof over head
  • working refrigerator
  • somewhere for my car even if it’s your front yard
  • willing to make quick 5-hour last minute drive to sign lease right now
  • will walk your dog/babysit if needed
  • please let me live in your house
  • I’ll take the basement you won’t even know I’m there


First Week of August:

Somehow found perfect house overnight. Skyped with roommates and signed lease through email in 2 days. What.

Things it has:

  • walking distance to train
  • roommates with dog
  • great price
  • downtown
  • walking distance to *everything*
  • 3 guys, 2 girls to be living in house
  • walking distance to Polish Roman Catholic Church
  • not ancient
  • laundry

I’m not even going to question the process. But I take back my request to live on your couch. Now to buy some moving boxes. 







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