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Traveling in 2014 – Allons-y!

Usually in the spring semester at Rutgers I get to travel to a few places (usually at least 2) because of gymnastics competitions.  Last year, for example, I went to Maryland, Massachusetts and Minnesota.  Minneapolis was by far the most fun, since we took a day trip to the Mall of America, and also got to experience the coldest/snowiest baseball game I’ve ever been to at Target Field. THIS year, however, is my year of traveling. It’s grad school time.  Currently I am accepted to IUP which means traveling to western Pennsylvania for the first time. The farthest I’ve been in Pennsylvania has been to Knoebels, which is only about half-way through.  Honestly looking forward to it, and hopefully I’ll be able to get over to Pittsburgh while I’m there since Indiana is only about an hour away (but idk how keen Momma D is on that idea since she’ll be traveling with me and probably will want to drive home).

Competitions we have scheduled this semester are MIT, which means we’re staying over in Boston on Valentine’s day, Maryland at the College Park campus, and URI in Kingston. We are most likely going to stay over for URI as well, but Maryland will just be a day trip.  Our big travel this year is to Chattanooga, Tennessee, which no one seemed to be excited about when it was announced last year. Well, everyone except me.  Tennessee is actually at the top of my list of places to visit. Memphis is number one thanks to my worship of the King himself, Elvis Presley, but Chattanooga is something, too! ONE DAY I’ll get to stay in the Heartbreak Hotel and live out my dreams of touring Graceland and strolling down Beale Street, but alas, that’s not this year. Also, I think I’m pretty easy to please if that’s my dream vacation, lets be real.

Depending on which day we compete on, there’s some cool stuff happening.  On April 3rd there’s a film festival, and on that friday there’s something happening downtown with live jazz music and food trucks,etc.  It won’t be as cold as Minneapolis, but then again I know next to nothing about the weather in Tennessee. From what I see there’s a fantastic re-imagined downtown area to explore, with theaters, beautiful parks, cool architecture, and the Tennessee Aquarium! All images are from

ImageImageImageImageApparently there’s also a DRAGON museum. How cool is that? Obviously I’m going to have to explore the Chattanooga Choo Choo and it’s shops and museums, but there’s SO much to do that I’ve found it’s crazy.  There’s a pedestrian walk that marks the beginning of the trail of tears, Ruby Falls, Lookout Mountain, inlcuding the incline railway, which is really what I’d want to do because the ticket comes with Ruby Falls AND Rock City.  You know that is is things are open year round or at least in April. AND depending on if we have some form of transportation there.  If not- to the museums and aquarium! .. Check out these beatufiul photos, though!:   (from and


Hopefully I’ll still be able to add a few more places that I’m visiting this year onto the list.  I’ve gotten phone interviews for ACUHO-i positions at Brown in Providence, RI, Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio and at the University of Chicago in Chicago, Illinois.  In addition, I also have an interview for a NODA position at Sam Houston State University (I’ve already been to Houston, too)! Fingers crossed for something, but even if my luck isn’t as great for the summer, I’m still traveling to a ton of places.



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