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Holiday Season Sentiments: The Daddy Edition

First of all Happy Winter because we finally got our first big snow here in New Jersey. 3 inches….. Alright, not that much, but people here make a big stink about it, and going along with the stereotypical make-up of us typical New Jersey-ans, it’s all about the roads and accidents.

I was uploading my photos on to my computer and wanted to talk about my dad for a moment after I passed one photo.  I feel like this post should probably come around Father’s Day but it’s coming now because I’m a sentimental wreck during the holiday season.



(PHOTO from  

I depend on my Daddy. A lot. I’ve never considered myself a Daddy’s girl, however, because me and my Mom are best friends. And I think we (me and my Dad) have an awesome but very strange relationship, and I hope he reads this one day.  Now that I’m applying to schools up and down the east coast I realize that my college journey into adulthood is at it’s peak.  Going off to graduate school has me very excited- a new school, a new state (possibly, though I could be staying in New Jersey), new peers, mentors, jobs, etc etc the list goes on.  I have never been more ready to start my life doing what I’m meant to do.  But this past semester since I was applying all over the place I saw myself becoming more and more sentimental about the things at home, but showing it less and less.  I think I felt that if I didn’t show it, it wouldn’t stress me out or make me upset.  That worked, actually, but I’m just facing it now. I’m moving out. 

I remember my sister moving out and all I thought was “YES I GET A BIGGER ROOM” while my parents took it as the first child leaving the nest. It was a big step, and I remember being somewhat upset that I didn’t have my sister around anymore, but it was just something that you have to do, and I knew I’d leave one day too, and that day is only a few months away now.

Going back to my Dad, though, he’s always been the supporter.  Never complained about coming to my competitions as a gymnast, drove me to practices, got kicked in the teeth by me a few times on accident, and made sure he was there every Christmas morning to wake us up at 5am before he went in to work.


My Dad swimming through our backyard crop circle that used to be our pool.


Me and my parents at Rutgers homecoming

To give you a better picture of what I’m feeling about my Dad is to imagine him as your favorite character is some sort of slapstick comedy.  He’s not a saint, but means well, makes mistakes sometimes, and always puts some sort of comedic take on a story. Basically imagine him as Joey Tribbiani from Friends, but about 35 years later. And balding.

Now imagine the feeling you got when they left their keys there at the end.  That’s a real feeling. There are so many things that my Dad has shown me that I’m taking with me wherever I go.  His looks will never leave me, for I have been recognized by people I have not met once in my life. “Are you Bill’s daughter? You look just like him!”  So many things pertaining to my character I can take from him though. For those of you who don’t know him, he is a retired Police Officer and just from being near him walking through the grocery store I can see the impact he’s had on our community just from lending a helping hand.  He doesn’t hold grudges, and makes sure that everyone is taken care of.  Of course he never does anything without some humor, considering he pretended to arrest me from high school a few times when he came to pick me up in his uniform.  I’ve learned to never give up on things because it’s hard, or because I feel slightly sick.  He’s had prostate cancer, which was a whirlwind at the time, but it never seemed to really phase him, as far as I can see, so I try to not let things phase me so easily. 

Even though we’re not the kind of father-daughter team that does everything together, or have the kind of relationship me and my mother have (his fingers are too big to use text messaging, and I blame that) he’s always been my cheerleader, the one person who made up almost the entirety of the insane side that I have (who else can I have burping contests with and then bond over gory slasher films?), and most importantly, the one who makes me take life both with a grain of salt AND a rubber chicken.  All of this came from this great uploaded photo of a few days ago.  Recently I’ve been dying his hair for him and here was the before shot. 


My dad, ready for his dye job.

Stay tuned for other parts of this holiday sentiment series including the Mommy edition, the (half) sister edition, and the friends edition.


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