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6/8 Graduate Schools Applied to…

I have finally applied to most of my graduate schools. Here’s the list of what is done so far

University of Vermont
Rutgers University
Indiana University Bloomington
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Salem State University

Currently I’m in the process of applying to Appalachian State and then debating which final school to apply to which will most likely be Slippery Rock University. I got a lot of them done in mid-November and now I’m getting really excited about the rest of the process. Finding out where you’re going to spend 2 years of your life is exhilarating but scary. Of course the thought crossed my mind as to what if I don’t get in anywhere, but I’m trying to blur that thought completely. Someone asked me the other day why I was stressing so much, then continued to tell me about their process of applying to undergraduate institutions. Definitely not the same thing, but it did make me realize something.

I’ve never done this before.

I never had to go through looking for colleges before because I was destined to come to Rutgers since I was 5 years old. There was no other college I looked at, no-where that I visited. Even though I’m applying to Rutgers again and there’s always the chance of coming back, actually looking at schools is incredibly fun. Not to mention I might actually WORK at one of these schools in the future, you never know. It’s like my life is finally…. going somewhere. Literally and metaphorically.


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