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My Rutgers Checklist

These are going to be RUTGERS SPECIFIC things.  Believe me, I’ve done more than this in college but it would take tens of blog posts to cover…

Things that I have done while being at Rutgers:

  • Given a College Ave campus ghost tour
  • Have attended every single Rutgers Day since it began
  • Been in the Kirkpatrick chapel at night with the lights off
  • Experienced King Neptune Night in all it’s glory
  • Kissed someone on the Kissing Bridge
  • Walked from Cook to Busch Campus
  • Plan the first Mark Conference
  • Kept friendships with students in my groups when I was an orientation leader
  • Been front row for the student section at football games
  • Been best friends with the Scarlet Knight
  • Found my favorite fat sandwich (and then stopped eating them at 3am)
  • Stayed all night in the RSC MPR when I had no heat/electricity during Hurricane Sandy
  • Been stuck on campus because of flooding during Hurricane Irene
  • Have only ever gotten one Parking Ticket- and it was appealed
  • Been to RutgersFest
  • Drove myself to St. Peters Hospital (where I was born!)
  • Got taken to RWJ Hospital
  • Attended MidKnight Madness
  • Performed in Rutgers Stadium (actually this was my senior year of high school)
  • Helped with promotional videos while dressed as a zombie
  • Traveled with Rutgers Club Gymnastics to Minneapolis to compete nationally in NAIGC
  • Studied in the New Brunswick Theological Seminary library
  • Written poems about art in the Zimmerli
  • Started an R-U chant
  • Been in the stadium before the student section was built
  • Never heard Willie the Silent whistle
  • Performed in Nicholas Music Hall (dancing)

Things I still need to do at Rutgers before the end of my senior year:

  • Walk around Passion Puddle holding hands with someone
  • Paint the Princeton Cannon (maybe!)
  • Plan Geek Week
  • Run my first 5K (the one I was supposed to do was postponed because of the government shut down)
  • Compete nationally in Chattanooga, TN
  • Apply to 6 schools
  • Take a Rutgers Photo Shoot at all the places I love
  • Rutgers tattoo…. it’s coming, TBD
  • Finally walk BACK through the Old Queens Gate for the first time right before I graduate
  • Break a clay pipe over the cannon

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